Local Secretaries

Our Local Secretaries are volunteers and benefactors who promote QC and the QC Correspondence Circle within a designated geographic region. We encourage those interested to apply through their Regional Secretary (see below). We do not place a hard limit on the number of Local Secs allocated to each country, region or province. Local Secretaries must be paid-up members of QCCC and are usually members of lodges established in a constitution recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. Being so is not a formal requirement but does permit attendance at QC lodge meetings. The work involved is up to each individual to determine but, in general, a Local Secretary’s ambassadorial duties are to:

Spread the word about Quatuor Coronati and the QC Correspondence Circle in their region or country, and promote QC/QCCC major events such as our Cambridge UK and Alexandria VA Conferences; set a target to recruit at least a couple of new members each year and if you do so easily, set a higher target!

Contact the relevant Grand, Provincial or District Grand Lodge and ask that they provide a link on their website to www.quatuorcoronati.com and provide details of QC and QCCC, and perhaps place a QC/QCCC entry on their webpages;

Distribute our Flyer and Triofold Brochure;

Consider running Facebook and WhatsApp groups;

Arrange seminars/lectures to encourage Masonic research, and help to promote our national and international Conferences; and

Cooperate and share ideas with other Local Secretaries and your Regional Secretary (see below).

Local Secretaries have the distinction of being an ambassador for QCCC; are acknowledged as such in AQC or on the website; are entitled to wear a dark blue ribboned QC jewel and blue lapel pin; and assist in advancing a broader knowledge and understanding of freemasonry and Masonic history.

Regional Secretaries

Regional Secretaries provide a link between Local Secretaries – our ambassadors – and QC. They can help organise events and provide support and guidance.

The current Regional Secretaries are:

UK, Channel Islands and Ireland: Dr Ric Berman – UK-Ireland@quatuorcoronati.com

USA and Canada: Adam Kendall – NorthAmerica@quatuorcoronati.com

Latin America (including South America, Central America and Mexico): Emilio Elesbao – LatinAmerica@quatuorcoronati.com 

The Caribbean: Dr John Wade – caribbean@quatuorcoronati.com

Europe: Dr Andreas Onnerfors – europe@quatuorcoronati.com

Australia and New Zealand: Please email – aus-nz@quatuorcoronati.com

India, Asia, Africa & the rest of the world: Please email – ROW@quatuorcoronati.com

If you have any questions or if you would like to become a Local Secretary, please contact the relevant Regional Secretary for guidance or email Ric Berman at localsecs@quatuorcoronati.com.

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