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Thursday, 8 September 2022
The Curious Case of Master Mason Grand Officers
Kent Henderson

A copy of the Summons can be downloaded here: QCL 8 September 2022 – Summons

The full paper can be accessed here: AQC135.05 Henderson.
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Kent Henderson is a member of Craft lodges in Australia and overseas, including QC Lodge, to which he was elected 2014.

Kent is a Past Master and Fellow of the Victorian Lodge of Research, a former long-term co-editor of its Transactions, and holds the rank of PJGW under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria.

Kent is also a Past Master or equivalent of additional Masonic Orders, a former Fellow and President of the Australian & New Zealand Masonic Research Council, and was the Kellerman Lecturer for Victoria in 1994. He is also a Founding Fellow of The Masonic Society (USA).

Kent’s many books and papers on Freemasonry include Masonic World Guide (1984); The Masonic Grand Masters of Australia (1989); Freemasonry Universal – A New Guide to the Masonic World, vols I & II (1998, 2000); Millennial Masonry (2002); and Famous Freemasons who changed the World (2022). Kent holds the Grand Lodge of South Australia’s Diploma of Masonic Education and a 250th Anniversary Medal awarded by the Grand Lodge of Denmark for ‘his outstanding contribution to international Masonic Research’.


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