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Members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge are available to give lectures nationally and internationally, and can be contacted directly or through QC via queries@quatuorcoronati.com or secretary@quatuorcoronati.com. Arrangements for accommodation and travel expenses etc. should be agreed in advance with the individual speaker. Many have been Prestonian Lecturers and all have a broad range of talks, interests and expertise.

QC Lectures on QCCC’s YouTube Page


16 January: Paul Calderwood, ‘Masonic Research – what, how, why, when and where – getting started and making progress’,
Porthcawl, Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court, Penylan Avenue

30 January 2023: Christopher Powell, ‘Chartres and the Birth of Freemasonry’
Bristol Masonic Society, Freemasons’ Hall, 31 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NH.

6 February: Helge Horrisland, The Wagner Report. The premium Source for understanding how the German Security Police acted against Norwegian Freemasonry during the Occupation 1940-1945′,
Hoenefoss, Norway.

11 February: Helge Horrisland, ‘Franz Alfred Six and the Danish «Masonic Question» 1942-1945’,
Odense, Denmark

21 February, Paul Calderwood: ‘Priests and Freemasonry’
Dean Leigh Lodge of Installed Masters

2 March: Christopher Powell, ‘March 1723 – three hundred years exactly – a very important month in the history of English Freemasonry’,
Royal Lancashire Lodge No.116, The Masonic Hall, 91 Albert Road, Colne, Lancs, BB8 0BS

27 March: Ric Berman, ‘Inventing the Future’, Leicester Lodge of Research

31 March – 2 April, Ric Berman, ‘1723 and all that’
Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.

8 April: Adam Kendall, 11th Annual International Conference on Freemasonry, University of California, Los Angeles
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14 April: Helge Horrisland, ‘SS-Major Erich Ehlers: The Masonic Eichmann» of the German Security Police’,
Vienna, Austria.

14 April: Ric Berman, ‘Inventing the Future’, Lord Swansea Lodge, Swansea

13 May: Ric Berman, ‘Inventing the Future’, Kings Heath Freemasons’ Hall, Birmingham

24 May: Helge Horrisland, ‘Books more valuable than people’,
Bibliothekartag, Hannover, Germany.

1 June, Paul Calderwood: ‘Knights Templar & the Royal Family in Britain’
Tutelage Preceptory, Morpeth, Northumberland

18 June, Ric Berman: The Annual Anson Jones Lecture
Texas Lodge of Research, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.

24 June, Ric Berman: ‘Inventing the Future’
GWMNM, Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

30 June – 6 July, Ric Berman: Lecture Tour, California, U.S.

11 September, Ric Berman: ‘Inventing the Future’, Notts Installed Masters Lodge, Nottingham

22-24 September 2023: Conference, Queens’ College, Cambridge, England: ‘Inventing the Future’

9 October, Ric Berman: ‘Inventing the Future’, Manchester, Province of East Lancashire

10 October, Ric Berman: ‘Inventing the Future’, Province of Cheshire

26 October: David Peck, ‘Sir John Courtney Throckmorton: A Catholic Freemason in Eighteenth-Century England’
Temple of Athene Lodge No. 9541, Harrow District Masonic Centre, Northwick Circle, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0EL

Open Lectures on Freemasonry: ‘OpenLFM’ – a series of lectures which aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of Masonic Research. The lectures are open to everyone and can be viewed here.

Grand Lodge of California’s Masonic Speaker Series: view here

London’s Museum of Freemasonry is certainly worth a visit online and offline, including their Online Talks.  Click here to view a short film on the Museum / Freemasons’ Hall.

Our friends at Rocky Mountain Mason in Colorado have regular podcasts on a variety of subjects: click to see what is available.

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