When and Where to Hear our Members

Members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge are available to give lectures nationally and internationally, and can be contacted directly or through QC via queries@quatuorcoronati.com or secretary@quatuorcoronati.com. Arrangements for accommodation and travel expenses etc. should be agreed in advance with the individual speaker. Many have been Prestonian Lecturers and all have a broad range of talks, interests and expertise.

Quatuor Coronati Lectures on QCCC’s YouTube Page

Open Lectures on Freemasonry: OpenLFM – a series of lectures which aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of Masonic Research. The lectures are open to everyone.
The Open Lectures can be viewed here.

ANZMRC Zoom lectures by Dr Jack Dowds, 2021 Visiting Lecturer for New Zealand.
All lectures are at 8.00 a.m. UK (BST).

Tuesday, 31 August: An historical reflection on Freemasonry in Ireland and the role of Freemasons in the 1798 rebellion. 

Thursday, 2nd Sept: An Irishman, two Frenchmen and a Masonic Conspiracy

Tuesday, 7th Sept: Freemasons, the female of the Species

Thursday, 9th Sept: Solomon, Symbols and Sex: a Ramble around the Pillars

Tuesday, 14 Sept 7.00pm Two Wilde Irishmen – William and Oscar

Thursday, 16 Sept: William Butler Yeats: the Mystic and the Influence of Freemasonry

The Zoom link for all presentations is the same for each session (courtesy of Bro George Allan)

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Meeting ID: 522 226 6105   Passcode: 0FGBt7

Click here for the Grand Lodge of California’s Masonic Speaker Series. Past lectures can be viewed here

Lectures in English hosted by the Grand Lodge of Georgia include several by members of QC.  They can be viewed on GLG’s YouTube Page.

London’s Museum of Freemasonry is certainly worth a visit online and offline, including their Online Talks. And here is a link to a short film on the Museum and Freemasons’ Hall in London; just click here.

And our friends at Rocky Mountain Mason in Colorado have regular podcasts on a variety of subjects: click to see what is available.

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